Beyond Good and Emo

friendly_bandit gave me an iPod case that he somehow acquired at work tonight. It’s really neat; one of those “sports” cases that’s very protective. He knows I’m sort of umm… hard on electronics.

I went to the head doctor today and whined a bit, and he poked and prodded and asked lots of questions and is moving medicines around. It cost a lot of money because my deductible isn’t satisfied yet for this year. I have to see my medical doctor too and I really don’t want to, because he always orders up a load of lab tests and I end up being out several hundred dollars despite my “good” coverage. I wonder why people can’t see that this system is Soylent Green?

So I’m going off the Cymbalta and going on Lexapro, which sounds either like a knockoff luxury car or something you use to wax your knockoff luxury car. Or maybe it’s a fraudulent financial services company.

Tonight’s parade of oddities at D’s included:

  1. That weathered guy who always comes in and asks for a cigarette from someone, and then has The Story about his car breaking down and how he needs a couple extra bucks.
  2. Vaguely gothy young woman in an outfit consisting of a parachute-like two colored party dress, long knitted sweatercoat, tall boots, pale pale face makeup, and dyed red hair.
  3. Plump rock ‘n’ roll chick wearing jeans that she probably thought of as artfully ripped, but were cut open in the back in several places up the legs, between the joints and dangerously close to the buttocks. It looked as though she had backed into a Weed-Wacker™
  4. Us

I am, lately, the Enemy of Fun. Sorry ’bout that.

5 thoughts on “Beyond Good and Emo

  1. my best bud is on a lexapro/wellbutrin one-two combo punch and has never felt better. lexapro especially has been very gentle to him.

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