9 thoughts on “DEAR ADAM CURRY

      1. Yes, he is one of those podcasting pioneers that everyone just sort of puts up with. He has something-or-other to do with the iPodder software (a piece of crap Python app that barely works as advertised and has a user interface and workflow that looks like a beginning VisualBasic programmer came up with it.)
        It seems that everyone’s first taste of podcasting is Adam Curry’s hype, then you see past the hype, then you drop his feed and find something more interesting. It is the cycle of podcasting life.

    1. He was an MTV VJ back around the time of the Spanish-American War. He’s been trying to stay famous ever since, mostly with the dot-com thing. He’s a very marginal person who’s always yelling OVER HERE, EVERYONE, I’M COOL! STILL FAMOUS! YES ME! THE FAMOUS GUY! until you want to punch him in the nose.

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