It’s time to raise the curtain

Stoatmaster9000: muppet commentary on politics would actually really rock.
Stoatmaster9000: Crossfire meets Greg the Bunny.
substitute: Sam the Eagle versus Dr. Bunsen Honeydew on stem cell research
Stoatmaster9000: I would pay good money.
substitute: Miss Piggy throatpunching Tucker Carlson, etc
Stoatmaster9000: Pigs… In… Congress…
substitute: Newt Gingrich and Gonzo discuss the flat tax (BLATT BLATT)
Stoatmaster9000: Chickens vs. Thinktank whitepaper authors…
substitute: Karl Rove Attempts to Explain Child Care Cutbacks to Elmo
Stoatmaster9000: Karl Rove push-polls questions about Kermit’s possible past as a transvestite rapist!
substitute: Ann Coulter fails to belittle Oscar the Grouch
Stoatmaster9000: “Would you still support this muppet if..?”
substitute: Donald Rumseld Totally Ignores Mr. Snuffleupagus For Three Years
Stoatmaster9000: Bert and Ernie intern at Talon News!
eyeteeth: “Many uninsured Americans are forced to choose between paying for food and paying for medicine. My assistant Beaker will demonstrate.”
substitute: chickens everywhere
eyeteeth: Howard Dean gets into shouting match with Statler and Waldorf.

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