The New York Dog. In the parks, on the streets, at the office, in the terrace cafe, or peeking out of a Chanel handbag …

Child substitute, proof of the loneliness of city life, date bait, symbol of success and excess – the dog is many things to many people in New York.

There is a magazine for all of those rich people with their tiny dogs now. This follows the rule that every Lifestyle Mistake in this country becomes a magazine.

There are obits and ”doggyscopes”.

3 thoughts on “GET A ROPE

  1. Child Substitute to the dark tower came
    That is a concise list of all the worst reasons to have an animal companion, and I’m afraid it’s totally sincere.
    It all pisses me off because I like the idea of a dog small enough to take with me everywhere, because I like my pets and the more I can have them around the better. But now if I do ever get a tiny dog, many onlookers will class me instantly with these people, to whom a dog is just another accessory. Which will be weird, because I will look sullen and disheveled and be wearing jeans and a black t-shirt that says THANK YOU FOR NOT BREEDING in large letters, but I bet people will think I’m a rich moron anyway.

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