Valentine’s Day Suicide Pact Guy LJ Icon

Just to get y’all in the mood. The story should have been headlined AREA CLICHE GUY FULFILLS HIS STEREOTYPE. “Arrested at his mother’s mobile home” indeed. Also “favored tie-dyed t-shirts”. Any bets on Tevas?


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Suicide Pact Guy LJ Icon

  1. Squeal like a pig, Boy!
    The thing here is that it was in Grants Pass. You see, here in Oregon, we have Portland and we have Not-Portland. Grants Pass is most certainly Not-Portland.
    That’s why things happen like the gay marriage act not passing. All the hippies in Portland voted for it, but the voting population in Portland is about the same as the voting population in the entire rest of the redneck, double-wide-mobile-home-living, farming, lumberjacking parts of the state. It’s like you leave the city’s borders and then find yourself in Appalachia or something.


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