Sufficient unto the day is the emo thereof.

I was just assaulted and forced into slavery by teenaged girls. Unfortunately it was just because they wanted to look at on my computer. One of them high-fived me for owning a Trogdor hoodie.

They are nostalgic for the 1990s. One of them told me how much she wished Matchbox 20 would get back together.

Sylvia has been feeding them caffeine and sugar. Evil Sylvia. They’re very nice kids but SO VERY LOUD.

Good news; they no longer puff air on your eye to test for glaucoma. They just pour some chemical on your eye and then point this little blue lightsaber at it for a while. Much better. My eyes have not got any worse yet, although he says that now I’m 40 I will start to experience “presbyopia” which is Greek for omg ur eyez r so old.

I realized today while feeling poor and being thankful for my side gig that I spend roughly 25% of my takehome pay on medical costs not reimbursed by anyone. I am well-paid and have less expenses than most people with my salary but it all disappears into the Health Hole. People who bitch about their tax withholding should try having a couple of fairly inexpensive (in comparison) chronic ailments some time and see how much they like it. Hello, middle-class rage!

Right below the thin, crunchy, tasty crust I am a boiling microwaved pie of shit. Things aren’t good.

6 thoughts on “Sufficient unto the day is the emo thereof.

  1. omg i NO!!3 lol!!11`1
    They didn’t do the eye-puff thing to me either, and I was so damn glad. But he put eyedrops in, which numbed my eyes, which was actually very unpleasant, and then he slowly slid this thingy towards my eyeballs until it actually TOUCHED them, one at a time, which is why they numb ya. The first time, I was all, *whimper* because I didn’t know how close it was going to get, and I thought I’d feel it.

  2. I can’t remember what I was nostalgic for as a teenager. In fact I can’t remember much about being a teenager at all — something about the onset of chronic depression makes those years a gray blur. Probably I was nostalgic for not being chronically depressed.

    1. I wasn’t yet chronically depressed as a teenager. However, I wasn’t nostalgic either. I was full of enthusiasm for the FUTURE!

  3. Woe the health expenses
    My insurance covers “Prescription Drugs” and Medical Procedures.
    I still end up doling out bucks for OTC stuff that is health related but exempt from the Insurance.
    I have Dry Eye, if I don’t keep it moist, bad things resulting in blindness will happen. So I end up spending $10 every 2 weeks on Nightime Eye Ointment and another $10 on Artifical Tears..
    The List goes on.
    I havent had the eye puff thing in a long time. What I find annoying is when the Nurse dialates your eyes rendering you near blind for the rest of the day and then the Doctor doesn’t do anything where he needs them dialated.

    1. Re: Woe the health expenses
      the theme that I find is that any procedure geared toward comfort or functional productive existance on planet earth are not covered by insurance.

  4. presbyopia
    I kommand you to return directly to that opt-o-tron doctor and tell him
    that you cannot have old man eyes, because you are younger than <a
    href=””>Keanu, and much
    younger than Kyle

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