I think I just committed some type of federal crime

I heisted one of my mother’s Skelaxin to make my shoulder stop spasming and hurting. It worked. Hurray for drugs! Today was a bizarre experience. After both eating some wrong food and having too much alcohol last night, I kept napping and waking up again today. I also managed somehow to walk into a pole at full speed while stone cold sober coming out of the Tower Records so I had this ow on my left side. Then I kept making brainos and hearing things wrong all day. I was careful only to drive about a mile.

This whole neck tendon out of whack, cervical spine wiggling, arm in spasm, shoulder in spasm, butt hurting on one side thing is just for the birds. It’s not likely to get much worse or kill me or anything, but it’s like a toothache. Takes a bit of the zest outa life, you know.

On the plus side I made a very good tomato+chicken curry tonight. And with a tremendous amount of water and coffee during the day I managed to stop feeling like I was jet lagged and mildly tubercular. When I went to Tower and walked into the pole I was purchasing The Unheard Music, the movie about X, which made me very happy to have. I haven’t seen it since it came out and it’s one of my favorite music documentaries.

Someone left the cake out in the rain.

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