This is the fault of joyfulagitator

See, pizza is good. We all like it! It has a crust with tasty fatty salty things on it. Mmm. But it’s not quite enough. We need it to have more fatty salty things on it! Maybe we could make Pizza Ice Cream! Or a Pizzuccino Mocha.

No, I’ve got it!

We’ll make Dippin’ Strips so you can dip the pizza in other things!

Mmm. Pepperoni pizza dipped in ranch dressing. Can I get that bacon-wrapped?

25 thoughts on “This is the fault of joyfulagitator

      1. ditto, ranch and pizza i thought, was sorta a given. i just don’t do meat… so spinach is a common replacement.
        yes though, ranch & pizza are meant to be together.


  1. When I eat pizza (which is a rare occasion indeed) I usually eat the pizza, then dip the crust into ranch! Of course, Pizza Hut is like the bottom of the nasty pizza chains, so chances are I won’t be partaking of this!
    However, what’s to keep me from simply cutting up my own pizza into “pseudo-strips” and dipping them into some form of greasy sauce instead of paying the same price for a multiple topping large pizza?


  2. Ranch dressing makes everything better! …except for maybe amputations and cancer-of-the-puppy.
    On second thought, depending on what was amputated, it might make good finger food to dip in ranch dressing.


  3. well, that’s the way elvis would have wanted it.
    (i have just seen multiple commercials for that dipping pizza today, and have to say i really couldn’t figure out how to connect pizza with ranch dressing. i guess you have to have experienced it to understand it…?)


  4. Nobody has mentioned this
    The sauce containers are color-coded, as are the names in the ad. However, there is no white container or green word.
    What does this mean?


  5. I am eating this right now…
    Our winter warmer is on an olive oil sauce with marinated chicken, roasted rosemary potatoes, red onions, mozzarella cheese, kasseri cheese, and a dash of crushed red-chili pepper flakes and dried basil, finished with a sprinkle of fresh parsley.
    It is perfect just the way it is.


    1. Re: fatty fatty two by four
      batter-fried batter, in new hampshire they call it “fried dough”
      the whole concept of it is disgusting, but this is coming from a girl who hasn’t been able to eat pizza without ranch dressing for at least a decade.


  6. Papa John’s has been giving you dipping sauces with their pizza for a while now. I wish they’d just give little packets of salty Crisco, but I’ll settle for their cups of garlic butter for now.


  7. “french” cooking
    Here’s a mock-french recipe my bro and I concocted in our youth:

         1 lbs Butter
    Wrap it with
         Lots of bacon
    Dust with flour and fry until crispy.
    Serve with a heavy cream sauce.


  8. California Pizza Kitchen has already concocted a pizza that includes ranch in it (Tostada Pizza) as well as various other disgusting things to be on your pizza or to dip them in. Tomatillo salsa (Carne Asada Pizza), mango chutney (Tandoori Chicken Pizza), mayo (California Club Pizza), dijon balsamic dressing (Tricolore Pizza), Cilantro Pesto (Carne Asada), not to mention the pounds of meat on the Sicilian, the sour cream, guac, and salsa that top our Santa Fe Chicken Pizza… the list goes on and it makes my stomach churn just thinking about it. But people order it, and they like it!


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