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    With the recent increases in fuel prices across the country resulting in record highs for both unleaded gas and diesel fuel, truckers and consumers everywhere are searching for ways to increase their fuel economy. Over the years, we have seen all kinds of fuel additives, magnets, air movers and such, which by and large have given us little or no improvement in our fuel efficiency, finally a product that delivers as promised.

    The Frequency Center of Idaho Falls, ID has introduced a revolutionary product that utilizes cutting edge technology to not only increase fuel efficiency but reduces toxic emissions as well. The MPT Fuel Disc harnesses the power of holograms and frequencies to directly affect the properties of the fuel in your tanks, thus affecting the way it burns giving you more miles per gallon.

    For over a hundred years advances in the use of frequencies have continued to better our lives. X-rays, MRIs, CAT Scans, and Ultrasounds are all medical uses for frequencies that have evolved in just the last few decades. The microwave oven, cell phones, TV remotes and many other consumer products utilize frequencies and are now taken for granted. Scientists have known for a long time that everything in the universe is made of atoms that vibrate constantly. Individual materials have specific properties because of this atomic-level vibration or frequency. If you change the frequency of a substance you also change its properties or the way it acts. The problem has always been in identifying the frequency necessary to achieve the desired change and in economically causing the change of frequency in a substance.

    Holograms have been around for a long time also. We have all marveled at the 3-D images projected by stickers, baseball cards and the like. Holograms are used on credit cards, in grocery store scanners and have many other uses. In fact, holograms have an incredible capacity for data storage with one cubic centimeter capable of storing 10 billion bits of information, basically the equivalent of 5 complete Encyclopedia Britannica sets. By taking a hologram’s storage capacity and the frequency technology, they have created a product that is ahead of its time.

    Their flagship product, the MPT fuel disc, harnesses the power of specific frequencies by programming them into a holographic disc that is affixed to the bottom of your fuel tank. These programmed frequencies are projected approximately 8 inches into the fuel tank and change the inherent frequency of the fuel in the tank. These frequencies neutralize 79 toxins in the fuel and increase the combustibility of the fuel.

    With a cleaner more complete burn in the pistons, higher fuel efficiency, more power and lower emissions are realized. Many individuals and companies are already utilizing this new technology to save money and increase profits.

    Shawn Tolman, Senior Vice President of Marketing, says that semi-trucks typically experience in excess of 15% increase in fuel efficiency with average increases of 20% or better. Drivers report more power, being able to pull up hills without losing gears, loss of a smoke trail and a smoother running engine. Recent tests at Utah State University on a 1991 truck reduced emissions from 440-PPM HC and 2.44% CO to 110-PPM HC and 0.04% CO in only 7 minutes. Another rig with over a million miles was emission tested in Colorado and registered 0 HC and 0 CO after less than two weeks of using the MPT disc technology. Tedd Watson, owner of MWT Transportation, has seen an increase in miles per gallon of over 22% consistently and estimates approximately $14,000 in fuel savings per truck a year.

    With several hundred owner operators and fleet managers currently utilizing this technology, many see this technology as a competitive edge making them more profitable and flexible than competitors not using the MPT discs. One well known fleet’s estimate of 1st year fuel savings from the MPT disc technology is in excess of 100 million dollars.

    The typical installation of the MPT discs takes less than five minutes. The MPT discs come pre-coated with a strong adhesive that enables quick placement and security. One disc is placed near the bottom of each fuel tank by simply cleaning a small area on the tank, removing the backing from the disc, placing the disc on the tank and applying pressure for approximately 30 seconds to set the adhesive. For added security, super glue, an epoxy or similar product can also be used. The discs begin to work immediately, in fact within just a few minutes, a distinct change in the smell of the fuel can be noticed. An increase in miles per gallon is realized on the very first tank of fuel after application of the MPT discs.

    On newer engines, the full effect is achieved within a few thousand miles. On older engines an initial improvement is immediately noticed with an incremental increase over the first 5- 15,000 miles as the carbon buildup is gradually removed. This carbon buildup removal results in the need on many rigs of an oil change sooner than would normally be necessary.

    The Frequency Center recommends keeping a close eye on your oil condition for the first 12- 15,000 miles after the MPT discs are applied and making an oil change when necessary. After the initial carbon cleansing, a normal oil change schedule is resumed.

    As the high prices of fuel continue to put pressure on truckers nationwide, it is refreshing to have an affordable solution. The MPT discs sell for $278.98 for a set of two discs, an amount that can easily be recouped by the average driver in fuel savings in as little as 8 days.

    The Frequency Center markets nationwide and ships via FedEx Monday through Friday. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee on every MPT disc sold. For more information please visit or call their customer service at 208-589-8995.


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