Falsely genial in a knitted sweater

Item! the other day I was tailgated in heavy rain at 70+ miles per hour by a crazy jerk. I slowed to force him to pass me, and as he did so I noted that he was driving a new bright red Monte Carlo covered with stickers, most notably a Von Dutch sticker.

Item! Les is gonna die.

Item! SBC repaired my dead phone line. This involved the large man with the beard confusing and then terrifying my cat, drilling a hole in the wall, almost falling off his ladder, and telling me a lot of things about slot cars.

Item! I’m still foundering and/or floundering at my job and other tasks. What the fledermaus is wrong with me?

Item! this is a generic item about the six apart livejournal merger rumor! Because everyone else has one.

Item! I will die alone.

Addendum: I now have four days off in a row. If I disappear for a while I’m not dead, I’m just moseying.

4 thoughts on “Falsely genial in a knitted sweater

  1. if I had 4 days off right now, I would be driving to big bear to go play in the snow. If you leave today, the roads will be good and come back after the storm finishes on Sat.

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