10 thoughts on “TorgoX is evil.

  1. God, is it Life Day again already? Where does the time go?
    Geek side note: I find it fascinating that none of the Star Wars geeks who plot the intricate inner workings of Life Day acknowledge that the damn thing originated in an awful 1978 Star Wars Christmas Special starring Bea Arthur, Art Carney, Harvey Korman and special galactic musical guests Jefferson Starship. I guess George Lucas has ordered it expunged from the glorious official history, like the ill-fated Darth Vader Good-time Variety Hour.

      1. Re: Star Wars Holiday Special
        Wow, that’s so cool, thanks! Get me the Paul Lynde Halloween Special and I’ll gladly bear your children!

      1. Yeah, the Starship, seriously. Powerful is the Dark Side. What, they couldn’t get Ambrosia or the Little River Band?
        Korman in female robot drag, no less. Priceless.

      2. At least it wasn’t the final state of the band: Starship. Who built this city, don’tcha know.
        At my college radio station, someone crossed out “Starship” on the album cover and wrote “Wheelchair”.

      3. Starship. Who built this city, don’tcha know.
        Even Grace Slick was compelled to ask of Bernie Taupin, ‘What the f’ck is the song about?’

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