Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!

I’m a Nazi! I’m a Satanist! I’m a pirate! I’m a vampire! I’m a…


Musical innovator? Sure. Ahead of his time? Definitely. Culturally prescient? Uh-huh.

Annoying? Ohhh yeahhh. As an attention-getting device, “is he or isn’t he a Nazi” almost beats G.G. Allin’s “is he or isn’t he going to kill me on stage”. This way to der Egress! Also, hail Satan, etc.

But he did sort of invent modern electronic noise music.

6 thoughts on “Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!

  1. I recall picking up Re/Search Pranks many years ago, and finding the Boyd Rice interview the most inspiring part of the book. The guy’s a brilliant prankster, in a sociopathic sort of way.

      1. Re: indeed
        Also GG Allin ate people’s shit on stage. I mean, literally, not in the sense of acknowledging their disapprobrium, though there was that too.

  2. I’ve met him a few times.
    He’s not all that bad and he enjoys confusing folks, it’s part of his schtick.
    He was going to make an album of all whistling and I hear he wears Hawaiian shirts all the time when he isn’t expected to look like a Nazi.
    He also acts a little fey around his gay friends (well, I only know what he was like around Current 93).

  3. The nazi thing is no problem. What is a problem is that he brought back fucking Tiki shit, and lounge music, and a bunch of b movies that I think still suck no matter how much people want to say they don’t. We had enough kitch – did we have to reanimate the dead?

    1. true, true
      He should have just gone into Lifestyle Marketing for Viacom or Coca-Cola or something, and he’d be rich as cosmonauts and happier now.

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