I walked into my mother’s living room today only to hear James Taylor singing. Oh God no, there’s no way, the woman has taste. Oh whew, he is just on “The West Wing”.

Today I spent roughly $600 on four Falken ZIEX Z-502 tires, size 215/50 R17, rated V92. It’s good to spend all your money on toroidal pieces of vulcanized rubber.

I still have no fudging idea what is going on with my job. Therefore my limbic region is lit up like crazy and I am manufacturing doom scenarios in my head.

Tomorrow I shall spend somewhere between $300 and $900 on service for other bits of my car, because it is at 90,000 miles and needs some new parking light lamps, new rearview mirror automatic flipper upper, and possibly brake rotor resurfacing, and also alignment.

Good thing the car is almost paid off and will go another 300,000 miles easy.

I’m going to see Neko Case Saturday night.

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