28 thoughts on “By popular request

    1. fundamentalists, batshit insane rightwingers, idiots, war crazies, paid-off shills for big business, the yammering demagogues of talk radio and political tv, and all the rest of the people i’ve been talking about here for the past week who have already declared war on me
      thought that was obvious in context, maybe not

    1. Re: Wow.
      not suprising that ninety percent of those pictures have religious paraphernalia in the background. you know cause all good christians should support killing thy neighbor. sweet!

    1. It’s a good blender. Osterizer put out this “retro” one which has good heavy glass and the old school rotor and just two speeds.

      1. Re: haha!
        Just bein’ funny. Smilin’ man with guns saying “let’s be friends!!” I was going to drag down a couple of stout ammo boxes to prop my foot up on but that was too much of a pain in the ass for a joke picture.
        The easeled picture there is kind of weird, I’ll admit, but it dresses up that subwoofer so it’s not quite such a big black box sitting in the floor. Damn cats are always knocking it over though. It’s a locally-taken picture of hale-bopp, quite well-done. I should probably put something crappier there for the cats to destroy.

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