Early indication of my oncoming troubles with educational authority.


Truly the greatest of carnivores. I was probably hiding an E. Nesbit or C.S. Lewis book behind my textbook.

5 thoughts on “Early indication of my oncoming troubles with educational authority.

  1. Sigh.
    See, I was that kid in school. I had to figure out how to do my real work fast enough to permit me to read what I wanted.
    I got lucky, though. At a crucial point in my early education I got a teacher who let me do whatever I wanted, provided I did the assignments. I remember once someone complained that I was reading something else while the teacher was talking, that it wasn’t fair, and the teacher said, “It’s okay because I know he can do two things at once.”

    I need to find my paper that my teacher wrote something about my “reading outloud in an English accent during quiet time” being “distracting to others”.

  3. WTF! That report is insightful and well worded, how can she NOT give you a good grade on it?! My god, does she not know the value of getting out news like that in as few words as possible? The public doesn’t want to read, they want to be read to!

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