So basically you quit shooting up when Brisco County, Jr. went off the air?

She tried to check into the motel and clerk said “okay, just let me know in the morning how you feel about another night”. We play a game we call “Street Lunatic or Cellphone Handset?” in that neighborhood. If you don’t want to have him dealing speed out of your apartment you need to tell him that; it’s a personal space issue. She only wants to move there because it’s next to a bar where she knows everybody.

The problem is I’m not just replacing someone; I’m replacing The Guy. In a classic case of calling down thunder, I got three emails from her today. She managed to get fired by the tweakers at Norms from a job serving the other tweakers at Norms, it was unbelievable. It’s all socialites and there’s a lot of work, you know there’s 10,000 registered charities in this town.

What to do about these four boyfriend prospects, or make that three? Oh my GOD that is the WORST EVER hiding place!

We’ll always love you but that’s not the point.

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