Instructions from spammers

According to portions of today’s blast of junk email, I am supposed to:

  1. See if trolls are leaving mold in my walls
  2. Find out if Neal is ready for the results
  3. experience “Lust sex no commitments”
  4. and

  5. Look into the benefits of track lighting

It’s going to be a busy week. Anyone seen Neal lately?

5 thoughts on “Instructions from spammers

  1. last time i saw neal was at socially hazardous when he came in high on speed wanting his sixteen dollar commission check after being fired for stealing and using the credit card number of a customer to order pizza.
    i’d check long beach dive bars…

  2. My spam is instructing me to buy Valium in bulk and then let Fred hook me up with some cable. I am debating over whether or not I should offer to pay Fred in Valium.

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