Your phone’s off the hook, but you’re not.

I’ve grown very sensitive to dishonesty. Every lie in an advertisement, every weaselly H.R. drone or ambitiously prevaricating manager, all of politics, all of TV, is one huge disingenuous rip off. I want to punch anyone who doesn’t speak plainly and honestly.

You aren’t giving us anything for free. We don’t save more when we spend more. War is not peace. Freedom is not slavery. That email is not regarding next week’s meeting. The magic key you mailed out will not open the treasure box at the car dealership. My car does not need an oil change at 3000 miles. The case management cost control nursing agency run by my insurer is not here to help me be healthier. Stop it. Stop putting the seal of quality on shit, stop baiting and switching, stop padding the figures, stop adding on hidden costs, stop it. Shut up, all of you.

Stop lying or shut up.

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