You are in a maze of twisty marketing ploys, all alike

After reading via boingboing:

ignatzmous: disney is working on an online multiplayer version of Disneyland
reggiT: $255 a year membership fee.
ignatzmous: watch out for the janitors
reggiT: Level Up to Pin Collector/Trader
ignatzmous: You are carrying; 1 churros and no money
reggiT: You are holding a place in front for the Faggots on Parade.
ignatzmous: You have eaten at the Blue Bayou. You take 9 hit points of damage and die. You wake up on Main Street…
reggiT: It begins to rain. Ponchos’ price goes up to $27.00
ignatzmous: You see an Irishman beating a rat to death on his smoke break. What do you do?
reggiT: Your nephew wants to ride It’s a Small World for the 22nd time and the line is 40 minutes.
ignatzmous: > Kill nephew
ignatzmous: What do you want to kill your nephew with?
reggiT: A: the churros. B: the poncho C: the Irishman

Edit: The Irishman versus rat incident is not an exaggeration.

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