The best thing..

..about the coverage of the gay NJ governor and his resignation is that he uses the word “consensual”, as if he had to make it clear that there wasn’t any Big Gay Rape Action going on in the governor’s mansion, or in order to admit that he consented to it, and it’s not clear which, and it’s not clear which anyone would think is worse.

“Yeah so I was sitting in my office minding my own business when this really really homosexual man came in and insisted that we have sex! I mean he was really INSISTENT!”


“I admit it. Not only did I have the Wrong Sex, but I totally CONSENTED to it. It wasn’t a prison thing, or anything”.

2 thoughts on “The best thing..

  1. The governor of NJ is not gay. He did not have a gay affair.
    Any man who has to leave my bed to go home to the wife and kids is bisexual, not gay.
    Any man who holds public office, states he is against same-sex marriage, is married to a woman and producing kids, but sucks dick on the side, runs the danger of being outed by one of the rather active organizations committed to exposing just this kind of hypocrisy.
    All the governor of NJ did was announce his resignation from office, he did not announce his divorce, he did not pledge his support for same-sex marriage.
    This man is going to need an entire team of psychiatrists to help him sort things out.
    That is all.

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