Paperwork and nostalgia

eyeteeth pointed out to me today that the I Love the 90s television show was reminiscing about 1997, which is only seven years ago. A highlight of long-ago 1997 was South Park. We agreed that it was in fact impossible to be nostalgic about South Park because it was still going on and hadn’t stopped yet.

My immediate thought was this: I demand from now on to experience nostalgia for events synchronously, exactly as they happen in a one to one ratio. I am therefore fondly remembering the old livejournal days as I type this and submit it via that great Internet experience we all shared back in ‘04.

Give me that real time rock ‘n’ roll!

4 thoughts on “Paperwork and nostalgia

  1. Remember all the crazy shit that happened Tuesday? Man, I love Tuesday. I see kids dressing like they did on Tuesday now, and I’m certain it was the coolest day this week…

  2. “Death by nonstalgia”
    reiterating Frank Zappa’s theory about nonstalgia:
    Eventually the cycle of nonstalgia will shrink to the point that you can’t take a step without being nonstalgic for the previous step; everyone stops moving; society crumbles.
    I was kinda looking forward to I Love The 60’s, but they made I Love The 90’s instead. I guess the 60’s one would involve too many old, unpretty, and possibly dead people.

  3. Dude, it’s like Proust
    Because he was saying there’s no such thing as the present. Anything we could possibly think about is in the past, y’know? So once we’ve experienced something, it’s gone and all we have is our memory.
    Oh man, remember when I commented on your journal? That was great.

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