9 thoughts on “Just these three little words

    1. Since I’m philosophically opposed to the ‘meme theory’ and ‘memetics’ and all that sillyness, I’m happy to see the corruption of the word ‘meme’ from its original, intended meaning. Now maybe we can forget about all that nutso pseudoevolutionary memetastic stuff and go back to doing quizzes, which is more worthwhile.

    2. Or, to put it another way, why object? This is just the next stage in the evolution of the ‘meme’ meme. Being all normative about the darwinian path of the meme is like trying to argue with smallpox.

      1. really, you’re right
        I’m just incredibly cranky about language. Also incredibly cranky about everything, lately, but particularly about things like chain letters and goofy jokes being repeated endlessly by cheerful idiots. I’ll have a terrible revenge on them, etc.
        I don’t much care for “memetics” either, but having dumb quizzes and party tricks labeled that way is like calling amateur radio “CB” or something. It grates.

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