Attempted Comic Con but had a small car accident instead. Was lounging around bullshitting at D’s when hamburger_lady lured me over to Liam’s for a birthday party for someone I’ve only met once.

I drank wine and ate cake. Most of the people there were cute hipsters 15 years younger than I, but I had some good conversations. Liam’s room mate turns out to be a Librarian Warlord who knows a lot of the same people I do at UCI. Hils has one of those cameras that makes polaroid stickers, which is complex and hard to use although it is intended for nine year old girls.

A gaggle of people Liam referred to as the “Poli Sci” kids were gabbling about politics and society and/or “that hot girl in the Troy movie” off at one side and I decided to avoid them.

And then of course I had to get the cat out of the garage at 1 am. She has a spirit of adventure and/or stupidity, that cat.

I promise to get my act together and post photos more tonight. I have some good ones!

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