Recent dream snippets

Buddha sits under the Bo tree resisting temptation. The wind blows and shakes the tree and everything in site, but not him. But wait. That’s not Buddha. That’s Chairman Mao! And he looks kind of mad.

In the cluttered old bookstore I see a box of issues of the Economist, my favorite newsweekly. It’s next week’s issue, they have it already! Although I subscribe, I want to pick a copy up to read now. The clerk refuses me: “Those early issues are only for bloggers”.

I’m being pestered by drunken little men who keep singing beer hall songs. I throw a pillow at them! When I wake up, the pillow is in fact across the room. No gnomes, hungover or otherwise, are evident.

2 thoughts on “Recent dream snippets

  1. A gunfight in the alley gives me a hole through the ear and a large crack in the back of my skull. I poke at the fracture and curse at myself for moving the bed closer to the window.
    I rent a room in a large house in Northern California. I get a coffee and come back to find my things in the room that doesn’t have a ceiling. I trade a wall for a tarp when I’m told a storm will be moving into the area.
    I take a ferry to Catalina with her father, hang off the bow, feel self conscious for vaguely resembling that movie. Lisa has a hat. It’s massive and yellow and I haven’t the heart to tell her it’s hideous.

  2. This morning’s
    (well, early afternoon’s, gah i hate waking up at 13h00!)
    On the side of a road made of very soft reddy-brown dirt. Road is probably being repaired because many cars are going very fast both ways on it. No guard rails. However, there are bumps across the road to slow the cars down. But because road is made of soft, fine dirt, cars don’t slow down.
    I have a long pole or something and am poking at the bumps to loosen them up and move them away. Then a sports car going one way and a Red VW Micro-bus going the other way swerve, slide off the road and roll over. I (we) rush over to the bus. The guy inside is wet from cooler fuelant that’s gushing out because of the crash. But apart from that he doesn’t seem to upset.
    We somehow get the VW upright and it gets back onto the road via a less steep bit of the embankment. I (we) drive back to some point were there’s a large crowd of people having fun in the shade. Sort of a camping/carnival/party atmosphere. (I have the impression that the why of this place was explained previously in the dream, but I don’t remember that bit and it could be one of those “oh, everything makes sense in a dream” things.)
    VW driver and the driver of the sports car start jamming on guitar and bass and want me to join in. I decline, then wake up.

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