spin us a web, you’re the spiderman

weird al / funnel cake / cheesecake on a stick / horrible, horrible art / mullets / people who looked likely to say BOOYAA! / terrifying diorama / asian guy wearing IRISH MEN DO IT BETTER shirt / fried batter / powdered sugar on battered fried stick on a stick / THE MILLENNIUM BARN / really big horse / really big cow / 2 alpacas.

Photos to come.

4 thoughts on “spin us a web, you’re the spiderman

  1. my best friend and i sat on a hay bale outside the place where they keep the big horse, and ate a funnel cake and listened to the people coming out saying, “that is a really big horse!” and i completely know exactly what diorama you’re talking about because IT GAVE ME NIGHTMARES.

  2. powdered sugar on battered fried stick on a stick
    Did I ever tell you about when Chris and I were at the HoP and he said “I have to start eating healthier. Maybe I’ll get a Monte Cristo tonight.” and I just stared at him?
    Turns out he was totally thinking of something else.

  3. Al fans / 3/4 of a funnel cake and I don’t feel so good / Polkas on 45 / That’s a triple negative! / Did you see the interpreter? / I think we lost Laura again / KMET! WOOOOOOO! / pregnant man with granny hair / scary art-dork lady with the huge kanji tatoo across her back isn’t laughing at the bad art / Oh darn! The crafts room is closed

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