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  1. You know that’s where my dad is right now, don’t you? …and you know I worked there, right? If anyone has any questions about this, feel free to ask.

      1. Ya, the guy should have better things to do than secretly upset people who could have him destroyed or conveniently disappear without a trace.
        Of all the people in this world to upset, rich conservative playboys are at the bottom of my list.

  2. Ah Nixon.
    {{ Richard Nixon once described Bohemian Grove as “the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine.” }}
    This has affirmed my decision to rename all the modern presidents in a dynastic lineage starting with Nixon:
    Nixon I (“Nixon the Progenitor”)
    Nixon II (Ford)
    Nixon III (Carter)
    Nixon IV (Reagan)
    Nixon V (Bush Major)
    Nixon VI (Clinton)
    Nixon VII (Bush Minor; Gore as Antinixon, during the Squism)
    Nixon VIII (Carey)
    Nixon IX (Drew Carey)
    Nixon X (Snicket)
    Nixon XI (Oprah.com)
    Nixon XII (Kermit D. Frog)
    Nixon XIII (Sudsy the Urinal Cake)
    Nixon XIV (Sudsy the Other Urinal Cake)
    Nixon XV-XIX (the baskets of hissing feral kittens)
    Nixon XX (Olsen and Olsen)

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