Why I will never ever again write for small publications

In a nucking futshell, here.

Boy that brought back a flood of erm.. um.. memories. Yeah.

Specifically of trying to dun an “editor” named Yayva out of $75 and her not wanting to pay me because I spelled the name of someone wrong when that was the way it was spelled in the press kit. And being told that I had to pay to get into the show I was reviewing because “we need to keep the guest list spots for VIPs”. And having to sit through 8 bands with names like Bloody Rosehips and Fyre and Jackass 101 to see the headliner to get paid $25. And interviewing such musical luminaries as “King” and the Unforgiven.

Okay. Whew. Better now, I think.

6 thoughts on “Why I will never ever again write for small publications

  1. “If you’re unpublished, you aren’t ready for first person critical writing.”
    Am I ready to say “fuck you, condescending asshats”? That’s not a first-person statement.

  2. d00d, if I ever become that much of an asshole as an editor, I give you wholehearted permission to spank my ass until it glows like Chernobyl.

  3. as someone who worked on a college paper and was treated to many very late nights of hearing the editors panic cause stuff doesn’t get handed in.. this all seems very familiar. in my very limited experience people are lazy and full of good intentions and these people must have been left hanging at deadline time very many times. that’s no reason to treat somebody good like crap. it’s just a way of weeding out the crap from the good people.

    1. Yeah, it was just the call for writers degenerating into the screed against the world’s losers that reminded me of how many crazy “editors” I had to deal with.

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