• ITEM! I have no floor. Specifically, the floor in the dining/living/kitchen area of my house is being removed and replaced. This means that this space is now a cavernous echo-filled furniture-free Weirdness Zone. There are deep furrows and cracks in the slab which people are filling with orange goo. Later, tile will be put there.
  • ITEM! I have ordered, from Powell’s, one of the great books available about Opera. I eagerly await my reeducation.
  • ITEM! I’m bitter about almost everything. Not quite everything. But almost.
  • ITEM! There is no force, however great / To pull a wire, however fine / Into a horizontal line / Which shall be absolutely straight.
  • ITEM! I mean really fucking bitter.
  • ITEM! null

4 thoughts on “UPDATE!

      1. I would be so sad if they ever stop being a commy dictatorship. These videos so brighten my day. I wish our “The General” was as visionary as theirs. Ours only sells car insurance for people with DUI’s.

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