2 thoughts on “This arrived in the mail today.

  1. Wuzza?
    I like the question-mark-looking character at the end of “one” (and “eleven”, unsurprisingly). It lets you pretend to be unsure of the time.

    1. Re: Wuzza?
      Yup, that’s the glottal stop character. I think I actually “designed” that font years ago (i.e., took an existing font that lacked the needed accents and characters and beat it into submission). The glottal stop characters are always tricky — you can’t just take a question mark and take the dot off, or it’ll look totally crazy when it appears in text. So I think I had to change its proportions, and I might have gotten its new bottom-point from some other character, and maybe its lefthand serif from the righthand top serif on a “c”.

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