midget rodeo addendum

There used to be a midget rodeo video for sale; it appears to have vanished from this earth. However, a search on Amazon for “midget rodeo” returns So you want to move to Portland?

What has brianenigma been hiding from me? Is it really in the City of Roses and not in Pico Rivera?

Could this be the real reason bruisedhips wants to move there, and vegemitelover already has? And just what kind of “Law School” is meta_kate attending there, anyway?

The truth is out there.

3 thoughts on “midget rodeo addendum

  1. “Short People,” Randy Newman
    Since moving up here, I have not had nearly as many run-ins with midgets. My midget-frequency went from one a month down there to two in the past year up here. For some reason, I only ever see them in grocery stores and malls. I have yet to form a working hypothesis.

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