Reasons not to be a Pastor #34293052: Calvary Chapel HateSpam

wearekim presents this psychoceramic spam aimed at local religious luminary Chuck Smith.

I’m not a huge fan of Calvary Chapel but YOW!! Who’d want to deal with this guy? He’s like the worst of the letters I used to open at the newspaper with stuff written in blood on the envelopes.

7 thoughts on “Reasons not to be a Pastor #34293052: Calvary Chapel HateSpam

    1. Askeert
      I’m a little scared and I’m on the OTHER opposite side of a country,
      on an island!
      It was once a commonplace among Easterners of a certain age that California is full of crazy people. And while I don’t think that that’s a very good analysis, I do wonder whether some parts of life in greater L.A. (and many other places)
      works to erode the sanity of people who don’t have much to spare.

  1. Once his church hit a certain size and the percentage of crazy remaining constant made it became unsafe for Chuck to greet people as they entered and left the santuary. Its really sad because he is a personable guy and it was obvious that he enjoyed this part. All it takes is one to screw everything up.
    At Calvary Laguna, the pastor has at least five to seven bodyguards in the audience who are also members of the congregation. Whenever he walks down from the pulpit, someone escorts him. With this setup, he gets to greet people as they leave.
    I am glad that there are people that screen Chuck’s emails.

  2. I personally liked his tirade regarding how “president bush would be pissed”
    I hope he sends me more, simply for the humor. Maybe I should drop an email to good ol’ pastor chuck and let him know one of his crazies is bothering me.
    On another note, I just got an email offering me 20k to sell my body to science.

  3. Oh I forgot to mention, I’m quite honored to have made the headlines in your journal!!

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