Warning signs (some derived from tonight’s conversations)

  • People who talk a lot about high school and aren’t in high school
  • Someone who uses “party” as a verb
  • Men who refer to their girlfriend as “my lady”
  • People with a “TV Night”
  • Anyone who uses the word “hubby”
  • Von Dutch
  • Big truck with nothing in the bed
  • Will not explain tattoo, changes subject
  • Wants to go for drinks before *and* after dinner
  • Mentions ex more than twice in first conversation
  • ”Been doing some consulting”
  • Likes “all kinds” of music
  • Talks about carbs
  • Me

20 thoughts on “Warning signs (some derived from tonight’s conversations)

      1. Re: yup
        also, i went to this restaurant tonight where they only had low-carb ranch dressing, and fat-free ranch dressing. so i asked for ranch dressing with extra fat and extra carbohydrates, but they would not give me it. i told them i was deeply offended, and marched out. actually i didn’t, because it was like 6:30 and i hadn’t eaten all day, but i did complain loudly and shake my fist.

      1. It’s doubly lame because Von Dutch started as the signature of a brilliant artist who was also a violent asshole with neo-Nazi leanings. The people wearing his name on their puffy trucker hats don’t know enough about him either to respect his art or to be horrified by, say, his hatred of black people. And they think they’re being all ironic because to them it’s just some “white trash” thing they put sparkles on, how clever. Except that it’s just stupid and offensive and I hope they die. The end.

  1. But how about contextually, as a place of torture and humiliation?
    As in, “I’ve got to party, the Democrats need me” ?
    Right. We used to have one, before the networks cancelled everything by Joss Whedon.
    I prefer “husband-person”
    Van Helsing?
    I like huge trucks. I think it’s my napoleonic complex coming to a head.
    /stares blankly. I see nothing wrong with that. =)
    In relation to penis size, or just in general?
    Hee hee hee.
    But I do! I suppose there should be a little “name a band from each genre” test.
    … how about in loving terms?
    But it’s ALL ABOUT me!

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