For those of you who don’t live around here

When we talk about “Bro’s and Ho’s” or “those horrible mortgage broker guys and their girlfriends” or “shiny shirts and big watches”, we mean
these people

The visual is important.

I can hardly wait for the big mortgage crash when that guy has to hand me the fries at Wendy’s. NO, THEY’RE NOT CRISP ENOUGH. I WANT CRISP FRIES FOR MY $1.08. FETCH SOME.

Edit: do_not_lick found something even worse:

11 thoughts on “For those of you who don’t live around here

      1. Re: SORRY! =) =) =)
        i just saw your new-and-most-unimproved update.
        i am SO not above commandeering a vehicle to drive 8 hours south to kneecap you, MISTER.


  1. Always with the pubic bone
    THOSE PEOPLE have taken over! They’re everywhere! The ‘hot’ people.
    They populate Mancusos on $1 Bud Nite and look at me like I’m a space alien because I have short hair & wearing a leather jacket. They have taken over.
    It hurts my feelings that this is the beauty standard nowadays. They have rendered me un-hot! It stings.


  2. Jesus, her whole skeleton is on display.
    Also on display is, of course, the “Tee hee, we’re lesbians!” thing. The bros probably love that.


  3. sadly, if girl #1 was in her native country, she’d be manufacturing them bazongas in her chest.
    and is it really worth bashing the second girl? i mean, could her daddy have played doctor with her any more? i think her date sang that “butterfly sugar baby” song. try to dye your hair, dude. you can’t hide from me!


  4. Oh my god, that first picture is like the distilled platonic essence of the whole “Bros and Hos” concept. I am terrified.
    Also, that’s a great icon.


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