12 thoughts on “friendly_bandit is going to be outraged!

  1. I cannot imagine that anyone is so stupid to try to fondle anyone while people are taking pictures.
    I think this is bullshit.
    I think someone is trying to get rich and get Disney to pay them to shut up. And at the expense of the guy in the costume, who will probably loose his job.

    1. People are stupid
      :::suddenly remembers the guy who tried to rob a bank and couldn’t get out when the alarm went off because he was pushing on the “PULL” door:::

      1. Re: People are stupid
        True, and there are plenty of stupid criminals.
        But both the mother and the daughter decided to not say anything until they left the park. Long after any witnessess could be spoken too.
        And..if Tigger, one of the most popular Disney characters was out in the park, there was a huge crowd around. No one noticed Tigger copping a feel?

      2. Re: People are stupid
        I can’t really say what the mother was thinking, but having been a 13 year old girl, once, I have no problem believing the child might not say anything. As for the crowds of people, how much detail do you notice at disneyland. There are a million people around, and a million noises going on…who’s actually paying attention?
        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he’s guilty…I wouldn’t make an assumption like that…just saying it’s as possible as anything else.

      3. Re: People are stupid
        Yeah, it could really go either way. Also, pedophiles are often compulsive enough to do really stupid stuff. So it’s a matter for the courts and not anything obvious either way.

  2. when i was at disney a while ago (meaning years), someone actually ran into the crowd at the beginning-of-the-day festivities + parade, ripped off tigger’s tail, and ran away with it. i don’t think they caught the person, either.
    was the boob-fondling payback, perhaps?

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