“courtesy” wearescott

Bennett’s Smut ‘n’ Eggs, Madison, WI. Breakfast all day and hardcore porn on four TV’s.

Description from local paper:

Wanna know Madison’s best-kept breakfast secret? One that lacks dressing but is drizzled with sex appeal? Try Bennett’s Smut N Eggs (416 S. Park St.). I had long been curious about just what happens inside of here, so I dragged two companions there one Sunday for plates of greasy food (hint: try Eggs Bennett-Dick – eggs, ham and smut sauce on a muffin for $6.25). Beverages (milk, juice, soda or coffee) are just a buck each. Our waiter wore a plastic hat shaped like an, ahem, anatomy that only men have and donned a white T-shirt displaying cows in various positions. Four televisions – all airing hard porn – hung above the bar and entertained a line of gruff, sloppily dressed men slouched on bar stools. Pink Floyd was blaring over the loudspeakers at about the time a pack of preppie college boys strolled in, proof that it’s a place for anyone.


6 thoughts on ““courtesy” wearescott

  1. I can’t believe it’s up to me to point out that this must have been where the college student was held after her “abduction”.
    (I’m already burning in Hell, so there’s really not much of a downside)

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