Tales from Bozospace

I was talking last night with an acquaintance who works for one of the big networked gaming companies.

He was in the front office the other day when some customers arrived in person. This is never a good thing at a place like that. They arrived in force: four very typical young East Asian So Cal kids, spiky hair and Nikes and sunglasses and looking tough. There was a ringleader and his three homies backing him up.

“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?” said the alpha customer?

“I”m Firstname Lastname and I work here, how can I help you?”


“Okay, give me your account name and I’ll find out.”

The account name was “Homogay”.

“Sir, you might have some idea why we cancelled that.”


The guy said his name was something like Hernando Omogay.

“Sir, do you have ID on you today so I can verify that?”

“No! Fuck you!” etc etc

As the guy left he asked if they were hiring, because he had always wanted to work there.

3 thoughts on “Tales from Bozospace

  1. If I had a last name like that, I might get bitter and angry as well. However, I definately would not make it an account name.
    Back when I was renting apartments, I had a guy whose credit was like 30 car pile up on the 405 at Getty Center Drive at 5:15pm on a Monday. It was 4 pages of collections with some added tax liens and judgments. I think the printer shot out blood out of the side as it printed out. He admitted that “yeah, I have been told my credit is ‘not so good'”. When I broke the news that there is no way he could rent an apartment, he wanted a job application so that he could get hired to then, like be able to rent an apartment because he would be on the inside…yo. I broke it to him that approach is probably not going to work.
    He filled out the application anyway.

  2. On a similar note
    When I was in college, my username was “citizenx”. I’d been using it in various places for a while, and so when it came time to get a login for the shell machine, I simply asked if I could choose my own. That sort of boggled everyone who asked how I got that rather than one of the several conventions tried over the years (major+last four digits of SSN, initials+last five digits of SSN, first initial last name, and so on — by the way, I get X as a middle initial because I have no middle name).
    After quite some time, it finally became noticed by and an annoyance to the administration, so they changed my username to the (then current) standard. By that time, I was more than ready to leave.
    As long as I had that account, I explained it by putting “Carlos Edmundo Itizenxe” in the GECOS field.

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