8 thoughts on “nickjb can sure find them

  1. Ow
    Sorry honey, but I have a rule about dating hispanic women who live with their parents who name themselves after Egyptian sun gods. Well, it’s more of a guidline than a rule…

  2. Nice try, Tia Carrera. You’re 23, and I am Ann Margaret.
    Moving on- she looks thai, not hispanic. And “Occupation: Politics / Government / Military” just means she bangs cops and/ or politicians.
    “An alternate form of communication is a must!!!”- this loosely translates to her request of “Income: $100,000 to $149,999, More than $150,000”, cause you know she’s residing in some crack house on Newport blvd.

    1. You’re Ann-Margret? Then I’m stealing you from that boy of yours.
      “Alternate form of communication” is personal-speak for “I ain’t paying for the personals, you gimme your number”.
      Maybe she is 23 but has just spent a lot of time on the pipe.
      It’s always the most depressing ones who insist on the $100,000+ income.

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