Today’s Yahoo! Personals find

I love this site more and more each day. Special bonus points for “chilaxed” but I am very worried about her cleaver.

“First of all I REALLY NEED someone true as the color blue….. im a chilaxed person who is down for whatevers cleaver. NOT whatever!!… im into everything n anything… i love the sound of music and being around music… im a song writer n vocalist trying to start my own band… i really need a bass playa more than i need a man!!!! a true blue playa….. one that knows whats his. and takes pride in it. i need a faithful, compasionate man not a teacher of lifes many lessons. words are more powerful than man himself. someone who is asertive, and ready to leave fantasy land behind for reality. someone that understands that he has five senses and needs to use atleast 1 on daily basis. (common) im looking for someone that can talk about themself openly enjoys exploreing the unlimited wonders of the world. and someone who stands beside me not infront of me or behind me. if you understand that than YOUR DA MAN!!!! i need. LOVE IS THE LAW LOVE UNDER WILL DO WHAT THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW.. 93 “

13 thoughts on “Today’s Yahoo! Personals find

  1. freakshows make me feel better about me.
    i wonder if she knows where that last bit of her profile came from. honestly, i was really surprised to see that there.

  2. what a douche! you cant be saying chilaxed (sp) at 36!!!
    “a true blue playa” is my favorite, next to the fact that she is seeking someone making 100,00+
    I love her cornrows, too!

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