I am a screwbean! Yes!

I forgot to mention in my earlier post about the Extreme Outdoorsy Person Mall that I thought the name was a bit.. off. I guess there are less and less people around who remember the 30s and 40s, but “The Camp” is a place a lot of old Jews and Japanese-Americans and Russians might prefer not to visit to purchase consumer goods, ya know?

Torgo got the best spam subject line just now: “Subject: Buy Xanax online today screwbean”. No thanks, though; that stuff gave me crazy rage fits.

Pretty good evening. Hils and L and I all showed up with radically different looks: me minus beard, Hils with black hair, and L with her short bob. It was sort of sitcom-like except that our lives lately have been a bit of a sit-trag.

It was pissing down rain earlier, serious roaring deluge. I’m glad my father had the foresight to buy a house on the top of our local hill so I’m not currently watching my back yard fill up with blarp. It’s fun driving when the windshield wipers can’t keep up and various bits of eucalyptus tree keep flying by the windshield.

I’m skating over a big black hole under the ice.

6 thoughts on “I am a screwbean! Yes!

  1. xanax makes me pass out cold. it isn’t good to give people who are fueled by anxiety (and caffeine) anti-anxiety medication. it takes away my fire!
    i haven’t seen you clean-shaven in a while.
    it’s been pouring here all day. remarkably, the rain always seems to pick up right as i’m about to walk outside. we even lost power for a while.

  2. my friend eric’s grandmother was always aghast people were driving around in cars called “KIA.” “why would anybody want to drive in a car that says ‘killed in action’?” she scoffed. not quite as severe as “the camp” but good lord, our retention of history is brief. if i see one more ignorant teenager with german insignia splattered about their person….
    i’m due for an extreme makeover myself. back to blonde, i think. or fuchsia, or some other ludicrous color that makes me look like i’m making pathetic efforts to recapture some faded youth i never had in the first place. difficult to picture you sans beard, my dear screwbean.

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