And this one time

I went to a local shopping center today which is called “The Camp”. It’s an outdoorsy themed place that has in it: Adventure 16, a camping and outdoor clothes place; a Billabong surf store; a restaurant called “The Lodge”; a hippie fast food joint called “Native Foods”; and a Bikram Yoga joint.

I bought warm gloves and left.

They have speakers there that play slightly too loud atmospheric sounds (rushing waters etc.) And lots of plants.

As I left, a hindu priest guy and some yoga lady left in a car with license MA KALI.

3 thoughts on “And this one time

  1. I have a freind that was hosting a series of afternoon/evening shows there this past summer. One time the nature sounds seemed to be turned up a bit, and the band was recording the set. It was funny cause I don’t think they pknew that they were gonna get a bit of the Nature Company ambience in their recording.

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