Seen at Panera today

1. A young woman with a UCI sweatshirt on giving another young woman a long instructional talk about their sorority, some kind of annual charity show they would be putting on, and the internal politics of the charity show. Lots and lots of discussion of “the chapter” and how you can’t interfere with “the chapter” and how there is lots of “drama” which you want to avoid but it’s a very “intense experience” that’s a really big part of the “greek life” and you want to do it right, and have a great time with your friends, and it’s all very important, and there’s rules and something about copyright and about not doing it if you won last year and being “involved with the charity” and “giving your all” and how this show is such a powerful thing when you “really get involved in it” but you should be careful because “the drama and all that is a big part of the Greek experience as you’ll find out” and JESUS CHRIST WOMAN YOU’RE IN COLLEGE JUST GO TO CLASS AND SHUT UP ALREADY ABOUT YOUR DISGUSTING FUTURE SOCIALITE ACTIVITIES. Ahem.

2. A party of youngish bro guys with artfully sloppy hair who sat down and talked about stuff that sounded also suspiciously “Greek” to me for about 5 minutes, and then went into what sounded like a serious and intelligent Bible study, busting a stereotype.

3. The sun setting over the Irvine hills, beautifully.

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