I hate you, milkman kenn

This one is even worse:

Where the hell are you finding this stuff?

“you could always use his working two jobs as an excuse for you to have a baby.. to keep you company when you’re home alone..”

7 thoughts on “I hate you, milkman kenn

  1. My personal fave so far is the one about her boyfriend pulling out to come in a towel and then the two of them going at it again.
    Impromptu birth control at its finest!

  2. That journal makes my brain hurt. It does not need such help!
    This is mainly because there is an excess of estrogen in that “community” and I think I’m allergic. LD50 for female groupings that talk about babies is 5, and the list is much larger than that.
    Also it’s hella sappy, omg. Don’t they realize that babies are stinky, loud, and hate you when they get older?
    Blame scromp for my finding this

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