6 thoughts on “Perhaps you’d also like to look at the 2004 Chrysler Condescension, little missy

  1. “When the car needs servicing, it sends a wireless message to a local service station, which will contact the owner and schedule an appointment.”
    don’t they know that this will be abused constantly? mechanics calling you up every day telling you “your car needs work, uh, yeah, trust me”.. i would never want that..

  2. I think that is the most insulting car to all women. It sounds like this car is geared toward telling all women that Volvo thinks that women are stupid and so their car should be stupid proof. I would like to see the fights that ensue between couples if the guy suggests she should buy the idiot car. “What are you trying to say? Are you saying I am stupid?” His response, “I think the answer is obvious…” I think Volvo is going to have to employ an on-site mortician.
    Here is the counter-example. Three days ago as I pulled into Starbucks for my morning coffee, I pulled behind a brand new Saleen Mustang with the license plate “FLMABLE”. The person that climbed out of this car was a 30 year old woman wearing pin-stripe gray suit office garb. She was not wearing a wedding ring, so it was not her husband’s car. That kicked ass! I looked inside the car and it was a manual with a leather, chrome and bling everywhere. She got her Carmel Maciatto Speedball and peeled off. Rock on!

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