The Decline of Whatever This Thing Is

A comment just made on irc:

Halfjack: My friend is an archaeologist who also teaches classics. Last time he was in the US he was chatting with a young man on the bus and when he mentioned he was an archaeologist the young man became very excited that he was some kind of scientist and demanded to know about the current progress on flying skateboards.

4 thoughts on “The Decline of Whatever This Thing Is

  1. When I was working on a dig in Yosemite (an archaeology dig), that had lots of info displayed for the hoards of tourists about what we were finding and from what time period (artifacts from the turn of the century, Miwok midden, etc.) the number one question people asked was what kind of dinosaurs we were finding. I heard it again and again and again. It blew my mind (still does) that people could mix up paleontology and archaeology.

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