9 thoughts on “fauxhawk; H hates phones; H hates plants.

  1. That shot of Hils on the phone looks like a press shot from a soap opera. The Napa background looks like a sound studio set, and the look on her face is one of those “Yeah, I slept with your husband, but I am going to play sly and pretend that I have not, even though you and everyone else in the world knows that I did.” looks.

  2. that fucking plant mutherfucker stabbed me last night in the hand and gave me a giant planty splinter. and then it attacked phil.
    I can’t believe that photo of my on the phone. It may be the only in existense. Oh, and the reason I look like Im plotting is because I am. Specifically to blow up sprint pcs Customer Care in Irvine.

  3. But the W isn’t really THAT close to the C 😉
    (I’d offer 100 points if you “get” this, but I only have 10 points available. Hope that’s OK)

    1. I was half drunk when I named the file and almost made that typo, too. Taking your 10 points now. I wonder what happened to her?

      1. Dunno where she is, but I used to get mail addressed to both of us and every other person whose name started with F when the LaMeRZ BRiGaDe got hold of a 7 year old names list.
        I just checked and her member is not known ===:o

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