and this just in from jonpants: SUPPORT URKAINE

Honest Persons Needed!
Are you blessed with a new child yet unable to attend work?
Are you a college student with odd class schedules impairing regular work time?
Well you’re in luck!
We are looking for honest and communicative people to sort, store, and make readily available our delivered correspondence from your own home!

We are software company from Urkaine. Our company develop different all-purpose software.I think you know that my country was a member of Soviet Union for a long period of time. That’s why the economical situation is rather hard in it. Today I’m and my partners are on a small budget cause of a small amount of clients.
So, we are looking for partners in the USA and Europe to have more clients.
Everybody knows Ukraine is a part of Europe, but most of foreign people are afraid to have business with country. They think people don’t use modern technologies here. We would like to prove our respectableness, but when we communicate with people from other countries they can’t avoid stereotypes.
So, we are looking for the persons who can represent our company in his country.
Their duty will be to accept money only. because often people don’t want to send money to my country. We will advertise our products ourselves using the Internet and of course the support of our common clients will be our duty. This is a permanent job for energetic persons. They will get % of each contract.
This is a business requiring only limited amounts of your time. Spaces are limited so act now for this great intuitive job offer.

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