I just ran into my friends Russ and Amy on Broadway and 51st in Manhattan. Hadn’t seen them in over ten years. Does this happen a lot here? Btw they live in Los Angeles.

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  1. if you are from out of town, and you’re in ny, you will run into people you know who are also from out of town. it’s just a weird ny thing that happens. whenever i am out w/ out of town friends this happens. it is very frustrating for the peple who live here and never run into anyone they know.

  2. Couple freinds of mine were in Prague summer after High school and ran into a guy that was a year ahead of us. He was coked out of his skull and running through the streets…apparently one has to go away to see people one knows.

  3. The urbanist in me says, of course it does. There aren’t any cars to isolate you. And I think he’s right.
    Also, is in town as well. Just think, you might have LA LJ friends you have never seen and you could bump into him now !

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