They’re on instruments!

Easy flight. It was the captain’s farewell flight after 25 years and his whole family was aboard. The airport fire dept did what is apparently the traditional sendoff; they sprayed the plane with water from both sides before takeoff.

Huge snafu with hotel on arrival, barely rescued by a Sherpa. Really.

Tomorrow I plan to get into trouble.

3 thoughts on “They’re on instruments!

  1. Yeah that is what they told you… Sure his last flight we need to hose the plane down uhh huh…
    When I went to the Bahamas, and made the transfer in Houston, all of a sudden I looked out the window and saw contrails… hmm wait we are at like 3,000 feet. They where dumping fuel, in preparation to land. Then I watched the sun coming through the window do a 180 and start heading west again. We then got the announcement that we where having problems and needed to land. As we landed we where chased down by the local fire department, in those nice yellow trucks all down the runway. We proceeded to stop on the runway and guys in nice shiny metal suits jump out and grab hoses and run to wards the plane, and start pointing at the wing right under my seat. We then start to smell smoke in the cabin. That tied to the attendants all stationed at the emergency exits on the other side of the plane didn’t really inspire confidence. The captain then jumps on the intercom and states if you smell smoke in the cabin it is normal when we shut down engines. The unconscious “BULL SHIT” in everyones mind was louder then someone screaming it.
    We then got towed to the gate and waited on the plane “as they where determining if we would have to change planes… that lasted 45 minutes. Gee we just emergency landed, it was kinda obvious that this plane was not taking off again anytime soon. Ever since I don’t trust those guys.
    Then on the way back, “Is there a Doctor on the plane?” ask me later…

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