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The sequence of events:

1. Young son of rich local participates in gang rape of a minor at dad’s house and videotapes it

2. The tape somehow gets to the police

3. Dad, who is a sort of honorary sheriff’s deputy, attempts a coverup and obstruction of justice with the collusion of senior officials in the Sheriffs Department

4. The cops proceed with their investigation despite political pressure

5. Someone distributes flyers with the victim’s last name in them, fishing for info

6. As a result of this and questioning of the rapist’s mother, Mrs. Rapist then sues the police department, attempting to get access to the victim that otherwise would be impossible.

These people all need to go to Hell, directly, via a huge crack in the earth like at the end of Don Giovanni.

Oh, and per the OC Weekly, it just gets worse.

8 thoughts on “That’s how we do it in the O.C.

  1. I have been following this. Penetration with a broom! a sweeping matter, I say.
    the dad’s a cop. i can’t wait to see how this turns out…

  2. That is horrid. Absolutely fucking horrid, excuse my language. I hope they do just what you say they need to.
    That makes me sick.
    Why do I hate the world lately…

    1. I should just filter you out of anything I ever say about where I live, ever, because you turn everything into an inane superiority contest about New York.
      Where, of course, there has never been a rape and a coverup.

      1. Hey, without her, social psych profs would have to come up with another day’s worth of material on their own.
        And, oddly enough, I have a friend who was actually born that very day. Friday the 13th, no less.

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