Let’s all look forward

Here at Ignatz Industries we try to be forward looking, and as the Dear Leader I have a special responsibility to guide my minions into the future. I’m asking my readership to help me with a task of the greatest importance: planning my New Year’s Resolution. Please choose from one of the possible choices below:

7 thoughts on “Let’s all look forward

  1. It was a tough choice between 1 & 2.
    If it had been “Be more like Billy Dee Williams every day”, that would have been hamds-down teh winnar,
    The idea of you overdressed in a heavily starched suit hawking Colt45 fills my heart with joy.

  2. I don’t think you get anywhere with a Jane Austen sex doll unless you marry it first, and you’re having enough trouble with gay marriages down there let alone man/machine marriages. Would your health care cover mechanical maintenance? Is she a dependant if you can turn her off? If she is employed does she even get paid? GM will have things to say about this.

  3. I am proud to be the one vote for “Fix all teh porblem with hole area”. I chose this because it will be the most difficult to claim you did not acheive.
    Also, I’m really glad the possibility of a Steve Austin sex doll wasn’t an option.

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